James Kirk ST Season-3 Coat!

Jameel Ur

Sr Member
Hey all,
We are going to develop James Kirk ST Season-3 Car Coat sample.
Who would be interested to getting this classic coat replica?

Jameel Ur
Krik ST-3 Coat 3.jpg
Krik ST-3 Coat.jpg
Hey folks,
Someone from ST team memeber asked me to create Star Trek 3 James Kirk burgaundy Coat.
We created as per props store coat images because we couldn't find high resolution images.
How this coat looks to you guys? Of course, any comments and suggestions are welcome!

Thank you,
Jameel Ur
Star Trek 3 Krik Coat 6.jpg
Star Trek 3 Krik Coat 3.jpg
Star Trek 3 Krik Coat.jpg
Star Trek 3 Krik Coat 4.jpg

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