River Song Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead WIP [image heavy]


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Hello all,
Long time lurker, first time poster. I tried to look over all the new user documentation and I think I'm in compliance but please forgive me if I should not yet be posting. I used to be active over at The Dented Helmet about 5 years ago so I’m not all that new to costuming. Anyway on to the goods.

Earlier this year my girlfriend got me started on the new Doctor Who. She decided she wanted to be River Song for Halloween and potentially Comic-Con so we set to work deciding which costume to do. We decided on River’s space suit since we haven’t seen many people do that and that way I could be the Tenth Doctor. I’ve got a Baron suit on order from for me but for my girlfriend we have to make it from scratch. I was able to identify the coverall suit used in filming and I’m about 90% sure I’m correct. It looks like the coveralls they used were a Sparco Prima M-3 Racing Suit with white trim. It looks to be the proper shape and detailing however I have yet to find it with white trim not to mention it costs about $550. So I’ll be making the whole costume from scratch as we’re going for a more budget build. At this point I intend to modify an existing set of sweatpants/sweatshirt for the coverall portion, as a first version in time for Halloween. The Collar that the helmet attaches to is what I’m currently making progress on. I started by modeling it in Blender then importing the model into Pepakura Designer and printing it to cardstock. I just finished fiberglassing the piece yesterday and am about ready to bondo. See Pics below:

3D Model:


In Progress:

As you can see due to the thin size of the model it warped a bit:

I braced it with some scrap cardstock as you can see here:

After I applied the resin layer and removed the brace in preparation for fiberglassing:



My girlfriend took a sneaky picture while I was working:

And finally finished fiberglassing:


A small mistake but I’ll be trimming it a little as well as adding a small lip around the head hole with bondo that should help to cover that up:

Next up is the bondo phase. I should get to that in the next couple days.
No replies to this thread?! Sheesh

This looks good! Am always jealous of those that make things look so neat and clean and mine always look grubby and dirty haha
Alright guys, thanks for the positive feedback. I've finally got an update for you.
I decided to go ahead and attempt the suit from scratch so I ordered some fabric and it came in on Friday. I'm just about finished with it and I'm sending it home with my girlfriend so her mom can fix any of my noobish mistakes and take it in a little. This is the first time I've ever really sewn anything as large as this and it turned out okay, just a bit long in the torso. I also made the mistake of having a glass of soda on my sewing table, knocking it over and spilling it on the white fabric, any tips on getting it out or should I just wash the suit? I definitely learned a bit about sewing though, like in the future I'll use a pattern :lol.

Anyway here's some photos of the suit and the collar all bondo'd up.




Upside down pocket:

Coca cola spill:

The cuffs I stole from a white sweatshirt:

The collar all bondo'd up awaiting sanding:

By the way. My Baron suit came in on Friday as well, earlier than anticipated. The fit was perfect. For anyone considering them, they do fine work. The pin stripes stand out a bit more than I had expected but it otherwise looks great. I had them make it in a snug fit. More photos in the coming days.
Time crunch. I had to finish this in time for a party tomorrow night. So lets just call this version 1.0. I'll have more time to refine it and smooth out the piece in time for Comic-con but anyway I think it turned out pretty good despite the obvious poor bondo sanding job. What do you all think? I'll post photos of the whole costume fit tomorrow when we do a test fit.

Here's the "final" piece with electronics installed.




I can't wait till I have time to finish this properly.
This looks amazing! I'm actually wanting to recreate that outfit myself - you've done a fantastic job of it. Would be great to see Mark II of this (and your girlfriend wearing it)
We haven't had the time or money to devote to a Mark II(nor did we make it to Comic-con), though that is something I think we both will work on in the future.

As for a printable version, I can try and find the one I did for her but keep in mind, the size that worked for her may not be the right scale for you. You'll want to scale up the pdo to your desired size then print.

Here's the pep file in the mean time. I hope it is useful.
Do you have a sketch or diagram of how you did the electronics and a parts list? I'm just beginning to work on this project. Yours looks great. Do you have a version 1.1 or 2.0 pic to share?
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