Rita Skeeters Quick-quotes quill


I'm not sure if anyone has tried to make a Quick-quotes quill? I did search the forums so I apologize if this has been done before :rolleyes
I found a hi-res image of Rita's quill on EW.com and thought I would share

I just bought a Lime Green Lady Amherst Centre tail feather from a Pheasant. After much searching I think this is what Rita's QQQ is made from. Although I bought two that are approx. 900mm long! (or 36 inches). As I haven't gotten them yet I'm now feeling a little cautious that they are going to be too long :lol

I have a few nibs and thought I would try making the pen part out of polymer clay?
Has anyone else tried to make one of these?
The length shouldn't be a problem. In most of the pictures you see of her she is holding the pen waist/writing level and the end goes over her shoulder.

As for the nib I made my original one out of wood from scratch using photos as reference, the second I bought the one at the park and used it for more precision and finally used the hi res shot to get it the closest possible.
I got my feather today :D :D
It looks lovely!!
I have a great Uncle that does wood turning so I have drawn up a profile of the pen part and will ask him to turn it out of wood for me. Fingers crossed it should all come together.
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