Resources and Info for Models?


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I was wondering if anyone had any links to web pages that had good info on model building, weathering, etc.

I already have Starship Modeler bookmarked. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Also, could anyone recommend a good modeling magazine to subscribe to?


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I'm not sure if you are gonna find many more useful articles on the internet referring to weathering&detailing models.Your best bet is literature,and although 90% of FSM is devoted to WWII Military,they have alot of great tips&ideas about weathering,battle dammage ect. that can be applied to use.

You can never have enough resources,and FSM is a start,but keep looking for other books.If you have'nt got them already "The Star Wars Chronicals" is an absoloute must have book.I have two versions of it,the original Jappanese release,which is really more of a collectors item now(very expensive)and the U.S release done a couple years later.The book is crammed full of Star Wars minatures from the begining to the end,and covers the T.V movies as well.

Another good book is "From Star Wars to Indiana Jones" it has some good pictures(not as many as the Chronicals) and has pictures of props as well.I also have a number of Star Trek books hard&soft cover...that are good references,and an elite few Cinefex&other magazines that offered some good visual reference material.

Get yourself a FSM magazine,and look through it,you can even back order issues(not like there is a shortage).Kalambach Publishing is related to FSM and they have produced a number of "how to" books on model building.I don't remember all of the authors,or titles...some of the books are a conglamoration of FSM articls on scratch building&modifying commercial kits.There is one that is strictly Sci-Fi and covers both Star Wars&Star Trek kits.

There is another great book I have about WWII Diorams by Sheppard Payne(think thats how ya spell it).He is a true professional in the model building business,and he covers scratch building,modifying kits,battle dammage,weathering techniques,and of course..diorama design&construction.It is a good book to have and can give you lots of ideas.

There is no right or wrong way to weather,add battle dammage or any other exterior/interior modification to a model,whether its a commercial kit,or a scratch build...the sky is the limit,and just takes practice&some experimentation.However reading&seeing it does help to give you a push in the right direction,and these books are it next to looking over still photos of the minatures used in films.I hope this will help you out.


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go to your local hobby store and buy a few books by shep paine he is a master
building dioramas or building wwll armor anything is good by him
he used to teach at a chicago university
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