Resin + super sculpy question


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I've got one of these resin models

I want to use it to make a custom superhero figure.

I was gonna use super sculpy, but the question is...can you bake cured resin?

Or can someone recommend something better to add onto this figure with?



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that would make a GREAT daredevil statue.
have his right hand holding his cane.

where did you buy it at?


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I got mine off of eBay. But the real website is Night Life Productions

They'be got male and female, as well as "super hero" male & female. Lots of build-up pics.

Genius me, I thought to contact them after I posted here, already got the below response to "What would you recommend to be the best sculpting material, to build up one of your blank superheros?"

Super Sculpty if you want to work slowly. use a heat gun to bake it .Aves apoxie sculpt is air dry and much more solid . However you only get about an hour of work time after mixing ,so mix small amounts at a time.


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How sturdy is miliput? Like would it survive if knocked over? It's not very expensive.


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yes MANY people use it for making customized figures, ill see if i cant find a link. an id rather use miliput instead of sculpey.


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Never heard of miliput. Interesting stuff. I'll try it in my next prop. Amazing how you guys hear of stuff.



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Miliput is a brand of A@B Epoxi·Putty or simply put it is a kind of plumbers putty.
It comes in a two part mixture, each type has a different setting time, some harden almost instantly some harden within hours,


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Don't bake the cured resin. It'll soften and deform. Try Magic-Sculpt. It's an A/B epoxy type putty, is fairly inexpensive, and smoothes with water. They have a web site. It has a about an hour of shaping time and can be textured for 2-3 hours after that... Great stuff...


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Yes. ALWAYS use epoxy to add to resin.

Never use Super Sculpy to add to ANYTHING EXCEPT Super Sculpy. Aside from the danger of ruining the resin parts, there are the actual dangers of fumes and fire. Precured SS parts may be added by gluing but never sculpt SS on a resin model.

Epoxy putties are easy to control and will adhere with more reliability to resin parts if you really need to sculpt on the model.


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ANother sculpting putty you can use is Aves Apoxie Sculpt. This stuff is great. It hardens strong as a rock. It is sandable and watersoluable when in putty form (great for making cuts and details.

You can get a 4 lbs supply off of Starship Modeler website- go to the on line store.