Sanding dust question

I also sand resin using wet sanding papers/sanding sticks in the sink adjacent to my hobby space. Useful when working with small parts. Though, 'hogging out' something with the dremel presents a real challenge!

My apartment used to have a 'central vacuum' system, which uses a remote vacuum drawing through ports in the walls. Plugging in the long hose turned it on... too bad it doesn't work anymore! Would have useful for dust collection...
Regards, Robert
Wow. Central vac would be awesome for a downdraft table!
Nail dust collector with exchangable filters. It seems it's already a staple in many hobbyists arsenal. I want to build one to suit my needs but they are rather affordable from aliexpress. I think I'd want to exchange the fan for a high static pressure quieter one like arctic freezer max range from the pc side of building things. Might be okay as is though.

This is just an example - didn't look for the best one or cheapest or anything.

Here is the fan
Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!!

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