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Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've posted here. I know this isn't anything new, but it's something I've wanted to build for a while now, and I figure I might as well document this long and costly process. I know some airsoft companies have already put out official and unofficial replicas, but I intend on building off a real firearm that will perform just as well as they intended in the game short the NFA portion. My plan is to build a Jill Valentine model with some slight upgrades.

I'm surprised there was very little information about the Samurai Edge on this site and didn't see many attempts at building them here. Although I'm getting my information from pretty much anywhere I can find it, I'm using a lot of what I found from this site, so whoever you are, thank you for this.

I am also no stranger to firearms so I'll be using a lot of personal knowledge on this build too. So far, I have purchased a well used Beretta 92 Brigadier from gunbroker, and it's currently on route to my FFL dealer. I have ordered the following stainless steel parts: trigger, recoil rod (buffer), magazines (Beretta is currently having a sale, but they are only stainless look, not actual stainless). I also picked up a skeletonized hammer from the elite model. I'm in communication with Derek at dsgrips to get a set of his custom grips which look amazing what I have seen. It's a long lead time item, but not the longest.

I have been put on the list at bar-sto for a match barrel. I asked mine to be threaded since I do have a 9mm can pending since the end of last year. Although, I haven't found any evidence that Jill had this feature on her firearm, I consider it very plausible, and quite practical for me to have. I'm not comfortable with fitting barrels so I have asked bar-sto to provide that service when the time comes. Availability of the barrel isn't projected until the end of April.

Once I get the gun, I plan on sending it off to have it engraved and refinished with the logos and serrations you see in the photos below. This alone is costing well over $400, but it's something I think will make the difference in the end. I love small details.

Anyway, look forward to this build and look forward to shooting it even more. I hope some people find it interesting too. I welcome thoughts, comments, and criticisms.

latest.jpg samurai_edge_wesker_model_by_enfield9346-d51iq6u.jpg


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This is the official description which lists some parts if it helps. They also use a LAM-1000 for the flashlight.You could also scavenge of the airsoft Samurai Edge for reference.

"This is the gun each character has in the Resident Evil game, S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) utilizes this weapon as its primary side arm. It is a customized Beretta 92FSwith "S.T.A.R.S. - R.P.D. SPECIAL TEAM" engraved on the left hand of the slide, and "Mod. SAMURAI EDGE. LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY" on the right. It is fitted with custom wood and synthetic grips with the S.T.A.R.S. emblem on it. It also sports a heavier Brigadier slide, target sights, an extended slide catch, and a stainless steel barrel. Wesker carries a further modified two-tone version with an extended under-barrel rail mount, a skeleton hammer, and a extended beavertail"


My FFL dealer is in the process of moving so I ran into problems with mail forwarding. Anyway, received it today. It's well worn as you can see but that's OK since the slide will be refinished as part of getting it laser engraved.

Also bought some parts. Silver trigger, skeletoned hammer from the elite, lanyard delete for the grips, recoil buffer, and stainless mags.

Next task is to send out the slide for engraving and grips on order. Might take it to the range first just to get a baseline since it's been years since I've fired a 92FS.


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I love seeing functioning firearm props, I will keep an eye on this thread. I was thinking of getting an 92 for my collection, I may just do this while I'm at it.


Keep in mind the Brigadier model has that little bump on the slide that you want. Just a regular 92FS is close, but also much cheaper.


Got a whole bunch of replacement springs from Wolff to clean up the trigger and whatnot. I also got to take her out to the range this week. I was Impressed with the overall performance out of the box so time will tell after all the mods.

Calibration pack of hammer and recoil spings, trigger conversion spring, new firing pin, trigger bar, and slide stop catch springs.

Cleaned it up as I went. Pretty nasty. Whoever owned it before was pretty rough with it.

Replaced the trigger bar spring, slide lock spring, installed the stainless steel trigger and trigger conversion unit from Wolff. I'm a but mad at myself since I accidentally scratched the receiver reinstalling the slide stop.

Installed the elite hammer with a 16 lb hammer spring. Also installed the piece that removes the lanyard loop for the new grips that are on order.

Installed a 18 lb recoil spring on the stainless steel buffer rod. This wasn't fun getting on with the new spring.

Trigger feels a lot better, more crisp and I can feel the lighter pull. I should take it out to the range again but it'll have to wait along with the new firing pin springs. I had difficulty getting a hold of the place that's going to redo my slide but was able to speak with them Friday, so I'm sending it out this week since they're backed up and, I'm looking at a 3 month turnaround. Also got the grips on order already since those are 2 months out too. I might order new grip screws and mag release button since they're a bit banged up. Barrel is due end of April so I probably will have to have them hold it for me until I can get the slide back for the fitting service. Anyway, this will be the last update for a while until I get stuff back from long lead time vendors.


Update! Been too long time. Slide was returned from CustomizedCreations in MI. They did a fantastic job. My barrel is also paid for at Bar-Sto waiting for me to send this gun in. Side note, customized mixed up packages, and I have someone else's slide too. It's going in the mail tomorrow, but I am unable to get a hold of them until they re-open. Whoever's it is, it'll get to you a tad delayed!

Unfortunately, I'm still waiting on my grips. In time.


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Back from Bar-Sto with a fitted match threaded barrel. The extended length for the threading makes it seem a bit off, but hopefully it'll grow on me.


Threaded barrel just seemed so practical with one of these.


I'm told my grips should be finished up next week, so I'll update you guys then.


And it's finally here and complete. I opted for the full mag well. He did great work with it and these are part of his new CNC'ed batch now that he has it up and running.

I'm still unsure if I liked the extended threaded barrel as practical as it is. I may have it chopped off to normal length in the future. We'll see. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts or options before I do something stupid. Ultimately, when I finally get to the range to try it out might influence the decision.




Updating an old thread, but Beretta recently restocked their inox barrels, so I bought one to swap out for cosmetic purposes.



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Looks great! Two years ago I couldn't find a Brigadier to save my life but still, I'm happy with the end result with mine. Is yours a shelf firearm or do you actually use it regularly?


Very nice. The model you made is a blend of Jill and Chris'. Chris has the stainless steel trigger while both of Jill's guns were black. Chris had dark blue on the emblems while Jill had light blue. The grips themselves are Jill's, Chris had dark wooden grips. Jill herself had two versions; the Samurai Edge and the Samurai Edge A1. The A1 version had the rail slide. I love what you've done with it and hope to do the same soon.
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