replicating an IV bag?

Actually those could work. I could refill them with the right color and seal them. I hope they stay in stock until i get paid monday.
I never even thought to look on ebay either lol. I wasn't sure if you could actually own them, you know how they are aout some medical gear.

Edit: I think i might go the ebay route as they're dirt cheap and i actually need one for the fallout blood packs you find too. You know i'm starting to understand why my family gives my prop collection odd looks lol.
Sent you a PM. Actually they and the actual bags of blood in the game seem to use the same model. I think that they put the rad away in anything they could find lol. No luck for blood bags on ebay other than some filled with candy which for the price isn't bad.
I know this might be a little late, but I got a blood bag thats filled with candy just before halloween from a dollar store. Now that halloween is over, maybe you can find one discounted?
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