Replica Credit Cards


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EDIT: My apologies.

I purchased cards from a member here an age ago but he asked me to remove his contact details because unscrupulous people were continuously asking him to break the law.

On editing the post, it appears I gave the impression that I was offering them but regrettably this is not the case. They were originally posted to show the great work the original supplier had done in making them

My apologies again for the confusion.




These are non functioning props that are close but not exact replicas of their real counterparts but the level of detail in them will keep every Bourne or James Bond prop enthusiast very satisfied



Highest regards

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Hi Mark

I noticed that you're in Australia. I'm at Sydney Film School working as a Production Designer and am needed two credits cards (one gold card, one regular) with specific embossed names. Do you have the contact details of that prop maker? I'd really appreciate any information you may have.

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