Repairing these Batman Emblems


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I recently received these 89 and Returns emblems in an auction with some cowls. However the emblems are in pretty bad shape as seen in the pictures. It seems like the previous owner tried to paint and apply some sort of coat on the emblems and it never really finished drying. I left some part on top of the returns emblem and it ended up getting stuck to it. There's also dirt all over the yellow sections of both emblems that has set in and become stuck. Anyone know a service or someone that can repair these for me? I don't really trust my self to fix them but I would love to have these back in good condition.


ZjFMoIh.jpg ODadomz.jpg


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tom spina might be able to help you i guess


Thank you. This seems like something they might be able to handle. I sent them a message.

I contacted his studio but unfortunately it was out of my price range. I probably just have to get some new emblems to use.
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Yeah I think I might have to do that. They seem pretty high quality, the 89 one looks like its made up of 3 pieces (the back part, the actual symbol and then the boarder) and the returns one looks like 2 pieces.. I was doing some reading and it seems like people recommend purple power to strip paint. I might try finding some and seeming what happens. At this point not sure if anyone would fix them for cheaper then the price of buying new ones. If anyone has any tutorials on how to fix these i would appreciate it.
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