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Not really a big complaint, but ever since costuming broke out of the prop thread, it seems folks still don't seem to post in the right place... They still post costuming stuff in the prop thread.

My idea is to better moderate the forums and put stuff in the right place (and better explain where stuff should go and why) or just remerge them.

I know folks had trouble finding stuff before, but now it seems it's still getting mixed up (no fault of the mods, just that folks don't grasp the concept).

Anyhoo, it'll probably work itself out, and I'm quite used to checking out all the forums anyways.
Yeah, it's a dual-edged sword and I can certainly understand the reasoning behind it even if it's confusing at times. ;)

Thanks for the response.

Well, where do you draw the line?

A ST Helmet is likely technically a part of a "costume." But I hate the fact I cant see the posts about them in the main forum as I think it is really a prop. Heck I think the whole suit is one big wearable prop... but then again....
I think the reasoning should be simplified.

If I were to start a new topic my first thought isn't "Is this something that I want to use, or something I just plan to sit on my mantlepiece". People who are interested in the topic don't usually think of the item in those terms either.

I think the split works better with "Is this an item that is worn?" Its a costume. "Is this an item that is held, or is part of a set decoration?" Its a prop.

What the person who is interested in the item does with it is up to them, if they wear it, weild it, or simply show it off. Where the discussion goes shouldn't be based on the final use decided by that particular person, but the overall intention of what the original item is for.
I really like that the costuming and prop forums are separate although I do agree that it is getting confusing since the grey area of "intended use" is entering into where things are getting posted. To make things easier for the staff and community, why not adopt JHVanOphem's cut and dry definitions of:

"Is this an item that is worn?" Its a costume. "Is this an item that is held, or is part of a set decoration?" Its a prop.
That would certainly make things easier for the mods and the community members to know where they should post about their item of discussion. Those simple and to the point definitions could even be posted as the forum descriptions as well. Maybe something like:

Prop Forum
Discuss authentic or replica prop items that are held or are part of a set decoration here.

Costuming Forum
For discussion of authentic or replica prop items that are wearable.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really like the split and hope that you consider what JHVanOphem said. :)
What about my Ep2 clone helmet that I made up as a display. The piece itself is in no way wearable, the interior would tear skin to pink shreds. But the original was fully intended to be a seen as a costume...
It's how you use YOURS, not how the fictional item was. If it's a prop to you, then a prop it is.
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