Recommended Vendor for Custom Designed Low Quantity Embroidered Patch?


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Couldn't think of a better place to ask, I am looking for recommendations for high quality embroidery work vendor, in order to produce 2 (two) patches for me. Willing of course to pay extra since its such low quantity. Basically shoulder patches for a very personalized jacket, only need two.

I would appreciate any recommendations, preferably through existing members with vendors they have worked with in the past?

Thank you.

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Although I have not used them personally, I think your best bet for a low run like this would be Etsy. Dozens of shops out there offering custom patch embroidery at decent prices. Best of luck!


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If you’re not dead set on embroidered, dye sub printed patches are very affordable in small quantities.

Several years ago, I needed two patches for a comic-based Nick Fury. The cost for two embroidered one was out of my price range. I found a company that custom dye printed most normal patch sizes and it was extremely affordable. I can’t remember the name of the company that did it. I kind of think they changed their name to Walz Caps. I looked at their site this morning and it appears they only do hats now.

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