Received the MR Nautilus today!


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I received the Master Replicas Nautilus in the mail today after ordering it last week through the Disney online shop.

First thought, this is HUGE. I have owned the Icons piece; MR has made a much better detailed and larger version with this. The box it came in was gigantic; I was wondering if they really packed it up more due to it being a model. Nope, they used every nook and cranny to get this in the most efficient box for shipping. I have seen the pictures of the box, but just did not expect it to be this big of a package or model.

I received # 680 of the batch. The packaging is beautiful and gives a good feel of the franchise with the print on the box. A gloss deep aqua with the logo on one side and a blue print of the model on the other side. Opening it up was a little difficult; again, they really packed it tight. Opening it up I pulled out the sub first, then realized that I needed to get the cradle out if I was to avoid damaging it. The cradle was the cleanest of the MR pieces I received and the blue mirror finish is outstanding. The acrylic cradle arms are clear but pick up the hue of the blue color mirror below quite a bit. With a well lit room, the reflection also hits the bottom of the boat giving it a watery look.
The model itself is just super big. A heavy piece that has every inch covered in small detailing and parts. You will want to take a good look at it before picking it up to avoid damaging the anchor on the bottom sides. They are not molded in but added on making the details like this look fantastic. Great to look at but a little delicate due to the quality detailing. The deck housing with the large bubble windows shows all the detailing on the inside of the desk sub as well. Floor grates, wall mounted equipment, the main steering, and everything is there. With a good flashlight, you can look in the aft window and see all the detailing to the front of the control deck.
The detailing on the bottom and hatches looks incredibly sharp. Extremely well done, this is THE nautilus model you will want in your collection.
The base is slightly smaller by about an inch than the overall length of the sub. The arm rest have padding and with a bit of shifting, you can rest the model flat or in a raised or lowering position as well leaning side to side.
The certificates are standard MR, always a great job done on them.
I did have one problem with my model. The tail section was molded with a twist. Really a bad deflection like the sub was swimming with its tail cocked to one side. I got a hair dryer out figuring I would heat up the tail and try to deflect it back and straighten it out. After applying the heat to it to the point it was hot to touch, I was easily able to slowly shift the tail back over and align it to the spine of the ship. Then I waited until it cooled down to let go of the tail and let it stay on its own.

With that done, it now sits prominently on my den desk mantle. One of the greatest Disney iconic pieces out there and one of the coolest mechanical replicas you will find in the Disney franchises, you will want to absolutely make the purchase on this one, worth every penny to get this fantastic and huge model. :)


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I received mine a couple days ago (#657) and have to echo everything tripoli has said.
Other than his problem with the twist in the end, mine did not have this problem.

It's a fantastic piece and I would seriously consider getting it if you havent yet.
Worth every penny in my opinion.

And tripoli I have to thank you for posting the LASTCHANCE discount code in another thread.
I was already going to get this but that just made it happen sooner. Thanks


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Mine was delivered on sunday (.) but I can't open it until this sunday :(

Can't wait though.


Dave C


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Pictures being sent. ;)

Everytime I have gone to the east coast prop party, the host SD has had his Icons Nautilus sitting at the bottom of the stairs in his basement/museum and it just made me want to get one of these more and more.

Happy to have posted the link here on the disneystore sale, sorry there was not much time left to take advantage of it. At $ 349, it was a steal, I hope a few here took advantage of.


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Is that it for the stand, though? Couldn't they have made something a little more Vernian? Could someone on the boards make something a little more Vernian (steampunk-y, I would suppose)?

edit: Beautiful piece, sorry for not stating it earlier. But the piece takes you right into Victorian fantasy, and then the base rips you right back out again. That's all.


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That is certainly a beautiful piece. Congrats guys on a great purchase. I am currently waiting for mine to come tomorrow. Cannot wait to get this thing.


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Very cool- Got my shipping email yesterday- Very excited- I do wish they had incorporated lighting-



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it's a pretty nice replica,I still think they should have done some of the things we wanted changed....but she looks great. Originally this was patterned by Scott Brodeen for Icons in 1999 IIRC
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