Rebound vs Mold Max Stroke


I am currently helping my brother who is in the process of making a master for a Proton Pack. He is making the model and I will be making the mold so we can make a set of copies out of fiberglass. We will probably make more than we need so we need the mold to last for awhile with several pulls. We will be making copies with fiberglass and using a fiberglass mother mold. I am not familiar with the differences between rebound and stroke other than one is 1:1 and the other is 10:1 and the cost difference. Can anyone make an argument that the rebound is worth the cost? The way we will be making the mold will require a brush on method. I hope i provided enough information.
The difference is the MoldMax Stroke is a tin-cure, and Rebound is a platinum-cure silicone.

Tins are less expensive, but also have a lower tear strength and a shorter shelf life. Tin-cure silicone constantly "sweats" acetic acid and alcohol, which means it is actually losing material. In 3-5 years that mold will be completely unusable, but it's just fine for a few or possibly a few dozen casts, depending on how you care for your mold.

Platinum-cure silicone doesn't exude anything, and will have a shelf life of anywhere from 15-30 years. It has a better tear strength, and cure time can be accelerated with heat. Platinum is more finicky about moisture, though, so watch your ambient humidity.

So, for a small-time hobbyist who just needs a few casts, MoldMax Stroke is a fine choice. If you're looking into getting into some kind of production, though, you'd want to choose Rebound.

Hope this helps clear thing up for you.
I used mold max stroke on my proton pack mold, in the end it shrank just enough to **** me off. Also, it trapped A LOT of air bubbles, I stippled it on just as I was instructed to, did a nice thin layer, still had air pockets.
My brother and I decided to go with the Rebound and if we have the chance to take pics I will post 1 or 2 here of the project.



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