Real Ghostbusters project 'finished'


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Pictures when I get home, but with the 'hero' pack almost finished.. I was wondering what my next project would be... I thought it might be fun to turn my first pack, a budget vacume formed model, into a real ghostbusters halloween display.

Two days in, we've got gun stripped, sanded, and primed. We've got pack stripped and half sanded...... I've got all the parts I need minus one giant pvc pipe set, and one hose set....

pictures after the ride home :)
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Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

Lets see those photos! I have been thinking about doing an EGB pack since I just wrapped my movie pack restoration.
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

First up, this is how it originally looked..


Then we had to strip it down to bare parts...


The original budget pack gun untouched..

Stripped and Primed... Will be painted RGB colors of Silver, Red, Yellow, and Blue..


A quick test paint to see how it looks in blue...


After a bit of dremel work, the Balsa wood spacers gone. Booster frame gone. Injector tube holes and filter tube holes starting to be filled in. Filler tube removed.

Next steps.
- sand, sand, and more sand. Might even use the sander attachment on the dremel.
- Break off gun handles carefully. Trim handle down to actual handle. Paint handle brown (green?). cut off back of front handle, shorten up and re-install..
- Cut Big Square Hole in gun. Find Giant Yellow switch.
- Find PVC pipe for Yellow part of pack at the top...clear plastic bowl for 'top'.
- Cut away piece below crank generator, install giant PVC
- Find giant PVC for Booster... small tubing for the grey 'decoration' on tubing.

- Finish filling in holes, sand holes.
- Prime, then paint blue or dark blue.
- final assembly.

Keep in mind this is not going to be for wearing. it'll be for display only around halloween..
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Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

We made some more progress today... sanding, sanding, and more sanding on the pack side of things.. I had a cone drill handy working on the other pack, so I used that to hack away at the part that's going to be removed under the crank generator. I finally got the gun box handle bars removed.. As for the handles themselves, one came off, one is stubbornly stuck rather than break it trying to remove it, I'll just block it off when painting the arm...

The one gun handle that did come off is getting painted the only green I could find at home depot that wasn't a gloss. I also picked up a far darker blue color that also was the only one that wasn't gloss...

All I need to do now is find the proper PVC for the new Booster and for the second area on the right that gets painted red and yellow respectively. Make sure the pack is sanded down as best as possible, paint that blue, paint the MB blue....Assemble the pack. Then finish up the gun.

I HOPE to have it somewhat done for Halloween. This is just a cheap halloween display. If it gets knocked over, or breaks through some over active kid/adult, it's no sweat. Or worse, if it gets stolen by some stupid kids during the later hours, it won't really be missed. It's just a semi creative way to make use of a decently expensive vac formed shell...
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...


Real Ghostbusters Silver, Red, and Blue. I'm making a point to not take time and effort on this....It's just a quick little project to put outside for a halloween display. Only the Pack will have lights, because my gun lights shorted out somehow over the course of the last year. maybe next year I'll add gun lights.

While the paint on the handle bars dries, I'll be cutting two new pvc pipes. One for the Red RGB booster, one for the Yellow RGB booster. Just need to find something clear and the proper size to use for the top part of it so it'll be a closed off cylinder..

-edit - i also need something better to chip away at the plastic. The drill is too slow and no saw I have will work on it. I got the two boosters done and primed.


I finally got that blasted screw out....A very quick paint in real ghostbusters blue. Does it look like crap? Hell yeah. do I care? Nope :). For the purposes that this will serve, once all the holes are filled up, and the edges trimmed off a bit, It'll look just fine for what I need it for. Martha Stewart, Ghostbusters style :)
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Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

Here is a quick mock up of the pack.... Once I get that top part chewed away, I can insert the PVC pipe and get it situated somehow (glued in onto MB?). I still need to find a covering for the red PVC pipe so I can run a wire down to the other red part. If all Else fails, I'll cover it up with tape and paint that red. I also want to trim the jagged edges around the pack. the pack will be the only one retaining the lights. the gun will be static..

Once all is done, should make for a nice little halloween decorations for adults and kids to enjoy, or pose with..


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Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

So much for getting this done today....oh well, next year it'll be on display. And that's assuming the town has halloween tonight.

I've got the part under the crank generator removed. I'm going to run a silver painted hose around it into one of the two holes on the pack, removing the apoxie cover on one. The other will have the red part stuffed in...All that is left is just drilling and assembling. pictures tommorow
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...


Making more accurate handles. Cut two new pieces of pipe so they at least look a tad nicer than the old ones covered in glue. I covered up the remaining holes...If I really wanted too, I could have bought a switch big enough to fill the gap of all three holes, but it wouldn't even be facing the right direction, so figured it was easier this way.


When all is'll look somehting like this. I used an old plastic container lid lying around to cover the bottom of the booster, and tried to cover it up, but again, this isn't meant to look fucntional, or good, just a nice display for halloween. I glued on a piece of wood and will be gluing and drilling that onto the motherboard so the yellow pipe will stay into place. After that, it'll be installing the newly painted silver tube, gluing in the red piece into the other hole, and closing up shop. I MAY wind up gluing the thrower to the pack and then screwing it on so it stays permanently in place and is easy to pick up and move...not sure aout that jst yet.. but other than that, all that is left is final assembly and to try and make it look a little nice...

All in all, it's really not that tough to take an existing movie shell and make it real ghostbusters worthy. the tough part would be the thrower
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Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

Today, we hopefully get it finally assembled. I'm going to glue and screw the part into the back..with the battery wires running through the back of the MB, I will probably never have to open it ever again :)..

if things go well, final assemble pictures for this quick project tonight.. I just hated to throw away a $130 shell :)

Next up on the construction list, MST3K bots. :)
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

Looking good, I am looking a picking up a shell and starting the long project myself!
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

Well, we didn't get done today....hoping tomorrow, cause Friday is our town's halloween 2 night.

I got the back of the thrower set in stone. Tomorrow we glue on the front handle, we glue on the yellow booster, we install the silver hose. we drill 3 new holes for the motherboard attaching. We drill in a hole for the bottom of the red booster so the hose can go in...and then done.

somehow i lost one of the red acrylic pieces...most probably sucked up when someone cleaned the place. I had to substitute with a clear plastic piece painted red...looks terribly horriblly mis matched...but for this project, it shouldn't matter. Again, this is meant to be fun and creative and not as nerve wracking as a hero build where you are afraid to mess something up. Considering I didn't put alot of effort into it, or really try all that much, I don't think it turned out THAT bad for what it is.

Hope to have this thing fully done by 12 tomorrow with final assembly pics..
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

update..almost done!

Half of the silver hose is glued on. The other half to come. And the Gun just needs to be attached. Done! today or tomorrow will finish it with pictures to come. After a few years halloween use, it will probably get ditched... ;o)
Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...

The gun is almost done. It needs a yellow hose for the back...a yellow tip with blue triangle at the front..and needs to be attached to the side of the pack with a screw for extra stability..


The Real Ghostbusters pack side is done. It's as accurate as I can possibly make it. The Acrylic parts of the lights need to be replaced, however.... You can't see it anymore through the glue from the last assembly

Re: Real Ghostbusters pack project...


I've got the final holes drilled....but I need to find a few extra screws to finish properly attaching the gun to the bottom gun plate, then it gets attached to the pack via screw and nut. I've also gotta attach the gun nozel.

The last missing part is a clear plastic hose that is the proper size of the PVC hole, that I can paint yellow, but not sure who would have something like that..sears?


Once the epoxy dries, I'll remove the blue tape off the yellow, and we'll have a custom, badly done RGB fire nozel. and a badly done, "doesn't matter if it breaks, we can throw it away" halloween display is ready for next year. barring any bad storms that cancel halloween :)
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The pack is home and ready for action next year. Far nicer than putting a good pack out on display, even if more people will probably notice it for what it is if it's in it's proper black.

Thus ends the attempt at construction :). If I had wood tools that where good at cutting smooth circles, I'd attempt one from scratch..
Not too shabby! I love when people are creative like this.

For circles a jigsaw & sander are all you really need (although ideally a router with the proper attachment). I've seen some nice packs made from foam as well which is real easy to work with. As a matter of fact familyman here has a great foam pack he's been working on. :)
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