Real Exoskeleton forearm (power suite)?

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    Hello everyone. I'm really not sure the best place to put this, but I'm very interested in beginning a project to build an exoskeleton arm to give much more strength to fingers, forearm and biceps.

    You could call it kind of like an ironman type arm. Either way, I'm curious of a few things, and I figured this would be a good place.

    1. How do the finger joints work in bionic hands? I know there isn't as much room in an exo suit, but if I can get an idea of exactly how they work, it would make it easier. I assume they use servos in the forearm. If that's the case, I have a few ideas.
    2. I have to find a way for a servo to know when torque is being applied. This way, I can program a sketch so when it doesn't have torque, it knows to pull. This means when you bend your fingers, it knows to pull. Either this, or I could place triggers under each finger tip.

    Anyway, I thought I could find some people interested in discussing this here.

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    Here's an arm. but it's not exo...

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