"Ready Room Scale" Stargazer parts ID and build


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This is my first post on the RPF and I have to say that I'm honored to be a member of a forum that displays such astonishing artistry, scholarship, and camaraderie.

I'm finally starting my dream project to build a replica of Capt. Picard's "ready room scale" Stargazer. As other insane Trekkies will know, Rick Sternbach and Andrew Probert kitbashed the model from a couple of AMT/Ertl Enterprises and a smattering of Japanese anime kits. Over a decade ago I asked Mr. Sternbach if he could remember any of them, and that's what spurred me on to hunt for the rest.


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Sorry! I'm afraid these are the highest quality/largest resolution pics I've found. The Arii Battroid supplies at least one part, namely the V-shaped piece in the upper saucer cutout. Do any of the highlighted parts also happen to come from that kit?
Their list of parts:

My words come back to haunt me! That's my post on Hobbytalk from several years back, since revised.

The long skinny half round thingie in between the top two nacelles is the gunpod from the 1/100 Arii.

It does look terribly similar, and I thought that for a long time as well, but it's actually from the Nitto/Takara Powered Suit. Perhaps I should put together a parts map of what I've already identified so as to allay confusion.

By the way, the weirdest part on the whole kitbash is an entire deformed robot capsule toy stuck to the underside. Way better than a captain's yacht, if you ask me.
Ugh, wow, this one´s really a tough nut to crack.
Well, for me as a mod, that is ;) It´s not really studio scale, and not general modeling. It´s actually a set decoration piece.
But since this subforum here is the nexus of kit parts information, I´ll leave this thread here unless there is someone who is severely against it ;)

Okay, back on topic. Kitbashing Macross kits?! NOOOOOooooooo......

Oh, and AWESOME idea for a project, since it´s prop and modelwise it´s "best of both worlds", I´d say ;)

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ManfromNaboo, thanks for being lenient on me! I was debating which forum to put this in, since as you say what I'm trying to recreate is half-prop half-studio model. If you decide to move it later, I won't mind.

As for kitbashing Macross, I agree it's unusual. Leave it to someone like Sternbach or the brothers Skotak to dash our expectations and turn out something incredible.
Here's a parts map showing what's already been identified on the underside of the prop/model. Please refer to my first post for those parts still awaiting ID.

Most of these kits, while OOP, are readily found and cheap, save for the Bandai Tripod Tank. Good hunting!
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In the pic sourced from Drexfiles. All three of the blue parts (light and the two dark ones) come from the Arii 1/48 Orguss Origroid...Same kit as the pink parts shown in the second (under bow) picture.

You should only need one Orguss kit for the entire model.

This is the 1/48 Orguss kit:
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In the small image of the painted kit parts...The red half circle parts(gun) and the two oval pieces below (with the black tiangular grills) are the pink parts on the underside. The dark painted part just above and to the right of the red gun is the light blue part on the rear...The white and gold boxish parts all the way to the left are the two blue parts between the nacelles.
TwinkiMilton, thanks for ID'ing those parts. I should have guessed they came from one of the kits already used. I snagged the one you linked to, and with almost all the parts identified, I'm going to start construction pronto.
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