re-painting of latex hands and feet

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by gothic, May 8, 2015.

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    I wanted to re-paint a set of hands and feet from the colours i bought them ( see pics). i don't have an airbrush and wanted to use CITADEL acrylic paints as i want the finish to look like ork skin.
    Needed advice on prepping them for painting and would i need a partial latex mix in the paint or would the paint be ok on its own with a spray sealant ?

    many thanks in advance

    feet_werewolf_brown.png hands_ghoul_ml.png
  2. Gato

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    You can use the latex or Pros-aide as the base so that the paint can flex. You cant just paint the acrylic on because it will crack and peel off on its own. It needs to be flexible hence the latex or pros-aide.
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  3. Nobby

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    A few drops of liquid latex in acrylic paint will work wonders :)
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    thanks Nobby and Gato for the advice :thumbsup
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