Raise a little Hell!

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by 3dmation, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. 3dmation

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    I made these a few weeks ago for an art show. I figure some good folks on here would like to see them. Most of my art is dark in nature, and this show was all about necromancing, so it worked well;)
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  2. Leon Kowalski

    Leon Kowalski New Member

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    very nice
  3. hydin

    hydin Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Those are awesome!!!!

  4. 3dmation

    3dmation New Member

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    They are solid brass and weigh a good chunk. I like to use them as stress balls. Everybody I know that has handled them can't seem to put them down. They feel that good in your hand!
  5. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    That is some patience to do so detailed work. I wish I could sit still long enough to make something like that.
  6. glorbes

    glorbes Active Member

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    Be careful not to play around with them TOO much...wouldn't want one to open up :) Very nice, fine detail...and at such a tiny scale!
  7. RickDTM

    RickDTM Sr Member

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    Excellent work. Sent you a PM.....
  8. Nobby

    Nobby Sr Member

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    very nice.
    what are you going to do with them now? (hint, hint :) )
  9. T2SF

    T2SF Well-Known Member

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    How did you make them! I love em!

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