And second... who else made a Raiders fan film with their friends in the early 80s?

(raises hand) I was Mola Ram. :lol :ninja

They had a one night screening (of the actual '82 movie) in my city (Vancouver) and didn't hear about it until the day it was playing. I don't know why I even tried to find tickets, turns out they had sold out months earlier within minutes.

I'll definitely check out the movie though... all fell apart over a girl?! Of COURSE it did! :lol
Yeah, I posted a link to this a few months ago in the Awesome Picture thread. You can only get a few bits of it on YouTube. I'd love to see the whole thing.
That was pretty cool. I would love to see the complete trailer and flying wing fight. Now I must scratch an itch...

*puts on fedora and pops in Raiders Blu Ray*
I met these guys years ago at a film festival when this was first making the rounds. They had just had a meeting with Spielberg who really loved the movie. They were stoked.

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Why don't they just put this whole thing on YouTube? I'd love to see the entire thing, but personally from what I have seen I don't think it is so special that it has to be kept for "special screenings". Yeah, its a great labor of love and a huge undertaking by a bunch of kids but its still just another fan film.
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