Rahm Kota, a custom project. Part 1


Kota.. the war worn Jedi general from my favorite SW video game. He is so cool, and his lightsaber is also cool. Looks like a mix between a warhead and a katana.
There’s been so many renditions of his hilt made. But none seem to really hit the details of the hilt. Some details that I would say set this saber apart from any other. Such as the unique geometry of the emitter. It’s kinda egg shaped with a unique scoop and a neat little back cut at the tip. The grip is a bit different than a regular katana wrap. It measures out only 6mm wide instead of a more standard 10-12mm ito wrap. It has 15 diamonds on one side only, while the other side is fully wrapped in leather or suede. This I find is a cool detail. It’s pommel is simple, but again certain details are missed. Maybe I’m just being OCD at this point heh.

My first saber purchases happen to be a Kota inspired hilt called the Dissident by Saberforge, custom installed with a Graflex switch and a crystal focus 6.5 by J.T. Marshall of Saberbay before it was really Saberbay. It’s what started my journey in this hobby so I have an emotional connection to this hilt.

I eventually purchased a Force Relics Kota seeing at that was the best at the time in my opinion, I liked the scale. But it had room for cosmetic improvement.

Eventually I drew up designs for a modification of the emitter and sent it off to a trusted saber smith and machinist. Arms on Fire custom sabers did a perfect job getting the emitter to my specs.

Next up was some paint, and weathering and prepping for a new leather wrap. I used black self etching primer and printed off a flattened out image of the sabers video game texture that’s been ripped right from the files so I could hand match to my best ability, the scratches and details of the paint.





I’m quite please with how this has turned out so far. The next item up is actually to make a whole new pommel that’s more accurate. It’s missing a black ring at the upper portion of the pommel and it needs a rounded bottom.

I’m still planning out the install, I’d like to go simple and sturdy since it’s not super well built for a crystal reveal. And the way it’s heat sink and set up sandwiched between the emitter and body kinda irks me, it’s what clocks the emitter the right way but it’s awkwardly deep threads means it’s ideal switch placement area is compromised by that structure design. So I’m thinking incorporating switches into a 3D printed pixel connector holder to swap out the heat sink.

But that will be in the next post hopefully. Thank you for looking!


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Outstanding! I've been obsessed with the Rahm Kota lightsaber for years, and I thought my version was pretty good but yours knocks it out of the park! Well done!

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