Plays a lot like Borderlands without the satisfaction of an XP boost. Looks georgeous, weapons are meaty and wonderful, the driving is pretty good too. If enemies get close, you'll spend a lot of time defibbing yourself to stay alive, which is a bit tiresome. I've been playing for about 2 hours now, but the game just crashed and i haven't saved in 30 mins......crapola......

Sounds like it's a good thing i'm holding off to get it used. I was hoping for something a bit more life fallout 3 as the storyline sounds good.
So....less cartoony version of Borderlands then? That's ok. i'll wait a bit. i still haven't beaten Borderlands' main campaign let alone the DLC...
I played Borderlands to death including all the DLC....only thing i couldn't do was beat Crawmerax......Rage being a sort of "more of the same is actually a good thing for me!

Can't believe how good this game looks....it's stunning!

Sounds like it's a good thing i'm holding off to get it used. I was hoping for something a bit more life fallout 3 as the storyline sounds good.

Yeah, I want to play it too, but I hear the single-player campaign is only 20 or so hours long. Can't justify spending $60 bucks on that.
Been playing for about 5 hours now and i'm loving it! Huge big bosses, fantastic RC bombs and spider bots with miniguns! I Just wish there was a more comprehensive reward system rather than just cash and chits for vehicle upgrades, guess i'm just old skool.

I watched the review on x-play, they gave it 4 star,but said the ending is very dispointing. I guess i'll wait for the price to drop down.
The patch helped big time with all the video problems.

It's nice to play an id game again after so long, I always loved the way they feel.
Seems like bad endings are getting to be really common in games anymore. It's a big problem with New Vegas and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Oh...frakk it.

I finished the game today....i thought it was going to go on for at least another few hours.....

The first part is basically Borderlands, but minus a lot of the frenetic excitement, i got to the second disc yesterday, (yes, even after installing) and thought, whoah!!! this is gonna be huge!!!!

It's not. Did they run out of cash and ideas?

Was expecting something epic, grand, full of adventure and excitement. This has turned out to be nothing more than a big tech demo with a few levels bolted on.

Where were the massive boss battles?

I kept running out of money just by tooling up for each mission....

And, without spoiling anything too much, watch out for a near direct copy of Krom's Canyon from Borderlands

Yes....so bummed out.

It's Borderfields 3: Modern Fallout. Lush graphics, unforgiveable texture pop up on the ps3. Lacks the free-roam charm of fallout 3 or the sense of real time, no real replay value. Looks like a good contender for a trade in for Batman: Arkham city.
I'm for sure going to wait until it's 5.00 at the local used game store. I love that game companies are making fewer games so they can focus on better games but where are the better games? This one sounds like another one that is mostly a multiplayer game like Halo: Reach was.
That was a pretty good resell. Yet another game hyped up that doesn't delivery. Seems like good game play and design no longer matter as long as it looks pretty. I'm glad I waited, that 60.00 it costs can buy me 10 ps2 or psp games used on amazon.
I had such faith in this....all the vids made it look like it was going to be something really special.....I couldn't even be bothered trying for more achievements.....

....and those "Job Board" missions...most of which were sniper based were just plain annoying.


Sad thing is I bet this gets great ratings on amazon from gamers cause kids these days don't know how good games used to be lol. I'm replaying final fantasy 6 and it still holds up well.
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