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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by shaunsheep, Mar 19, 2006.

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    I am currently working on a R2 related project and need some help with some screen grabs, I need images of R2 from star wars a new hope were R2 and 3po ship is captured at the beginning of the movie by vader. r2 looks like he has pop rivets on the front of his frame below the large data port. any images, to either prove or disprove this would be greatly appriciated :D
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    At least one R2 body had rivets on it. It shows up in photos all the time, but most of them did not.

    Here's your reference:

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    Some of the New Hope R2s had rivets. They were purely for assembly purposes and not technically a part of R2.

    Do you have SW Chronicles - you can see them on the R2 spread.

    I wouldn't recommend doing the rivets. I've been working on R2 for 5 years and nearing completion.

    Are you on the R2 board or have you been to astromech.net ?
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    hello yes I am a member of the r2 board and I have been for over 5 years on and off its only recently I have had the time to so some quality building and I am trying to match the n.h. r2 I have jb wealded the frame but want mine to look
    like the one featured I am not to intrested in the r2 looking "factory freash" its just the version I remember the most from when I was a ten yer old kid :rolleyes

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