R2-D2 bin build


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I've been inspired by all the R2 builds I'm seeing recently. Knowing I'll never be able to afford one (nor have the skill to build one) I've decided to make a little version as a gift for my daughter's 5th birthday in a couple of weeks. She's never actually sat all the way through the Star Wars films but she does love our favourite little blue astromech. ;)

I was lucky enough to find a nice little pedal bin that already had a white body and chrome dome. It's a little over a foot high.

So far I've only masked off the dome and drawn on the panels. Next job is to cut them out and spray paint.

I'm planning on painting the bottom of the white section black and making some legs to stick on the side to give the impression that he's actually standing off the floor.

My husband wants me to add lights and sounds but I'd like to keep this one as a usable waste paper bin. They're cheap enough that if I really felt the urge I could buy another one to really pimp out. Maybe even fit it with a motor and make it remote control.... ;)
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Fit it so when you step on the foot pedal it launches a lightsaber out of the dome...

Provided you have high ceilings... :lol

Darth Mawr

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Great project Mole! I'm in the middle of building a 1:1 R2 but I love projects like this. It's what inspired me to start mine. I look forward to your updates to this.


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Great start, I am building a life size one out of foam at the moment. I can not wait to see how your R2 turns out.


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Thanks guys! Loving the idea of it being a lightsaber launcher. ;)

Got a little bit more done this evening. I picked up some blue metallic paint. I wasn't worried about screen accurate colours so I just picked something that I liked the look of. It's Peugeot Miami Blue. This is just the first coat, sorry about the flash.

I realised as I was cutting out the panels on the top that they aren't actually centred on the mid point, they're a bit too far towards the front. I've also only done five sections rather than the correct six but it's too late to do anything about that now.

I think a couple more coats of paint and then I'll leave it a while to harden before I'm brave enough to peel off the masking tape. Gives me time to start thinking about how I'm going to do the legs.


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Got a little more done. Cutting it a bit fine as need it finished by Tuesday. It's mainly just marking up the body and drawing the details on now.

Always thought R2 had a cute little face.

Wasn't until I'd sprayed the legs that I realised I'd made the blue section too wide but it'll do. Some details to draw on and these are done!

Can't wait to see my little girl's face when she comes down to this on her birthday! :)
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I have been wanting to do one of these for awhile now you have me wanting to again..... Can't wait to see finish mini astromech


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Looking awesome so far. Would you mind sharing where you got the bin? Also, did you have to sand the chrome first or did it take the paint without?


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Thanks for the kind words.

I got the bin from Asda for £6.99. Homebase also do them but they're £9.99 there.

I sanded the chrome a little bit. Could have done a better job of it as when I took the masking tape off some of the paint lifted and I ended up having to touch it up with a brush.


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I cut it pretty fine with my deadline with only half an hour before it's my little girl's 5th birthday. Just waiting for some paint to dry before I can finish off the last little bits of detailing but this little blue Astromech is DONE!!!

I'll take some better pictures tomorrow when I've got my proper camera handy. Hope my daughter likes him. :)


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That is just an excellent build, you have made an R2D2 out of a dust bin, what an excellent use of every day item used in the house :thumbsup