Questions on how you wear your armor


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So I am starting a suit of armor for halloween and as I begin the planning I realize I am not sure how to attach it to my body. I have looked through a few ironman threads and I have not seen anything about this.

If anyone could offer some advice for strapping and attaching the armor, I am all ears. I want to make sure all the parts are made with the system for attaching the armor already considered rather than trying to retrofit straps after everything is together.

Thanks in advance.

I am using warmachine as the base for an extreme buzz lightyear.

Sounds like a really cool costume idea.

Some of the Ironman pieces are designed with their mounting. The chest and back pieces, for example, have a 'support' piece that looks like a dickie.

I'll let some of the more experienced folks speak to their implementation of supports or connections for parts like the arms and legs for Ironman, but my experience with medieval armor is that you suspend the upper legs and waist pieces with a belt connected to suspenders. The lower legs and forearms tend to say in place naturally and that would leave your upper arms to deal with (which could easily be attached to the chest unit in this case.

I'll be watching this thread to see what some of the folks who have finished a full Ironman suit have to say.

Good luck with your build! :thumbsup
Lots of nylon straps with parachute buckles. Use your hip armor as an anchor point with suspenders over your shoulders. This holds up the entire lower half of the body. The arms and shoulders strap to the chest and back which should naturally hang off your body.
I built an Iron Man suit (Fiberglass & Plastic). because of the weight, I used football shoulder pads as my starting point of attachment. I used small WR pads. Go on e-bay to find them for $10 -$20 used. But Vinom11 is right, suspenders are without a dout the best way to hold the lower half up. I keep modifying and up dating my suit to get it in the best possible shape. If you e-mail me, I can send you pix of the suit and attachments. However, I've seem much better suits from other guys on this board. It all depends on money, time and skill level. I also have a War Machine suit with operating mini gun. My suits are not perfect because they have to be "KID FRIENDLY". I do kids parties with them. see;
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