Question: What are ways to make a good FX Saber Hilt?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by srsmith332, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Hey ladies and gentlemen, I have a question if you haven't read the title.

    What are ways to make a good FX Saber Hilt?

    For Saber Electronics, you need at least a clearance of around 1" to 1.25" of clearance inside the hilt. It can basically be a hole in the center. For my costume, I was thinking about making my very own Ahsoka Sabers! Now I know my direction, but I do not know the way.

    I know you could use a lathe, which of course will take some training, trial and error, and also some practice. Some people use PVC, though it isn't durable at all. People at the fx-sabers forums say that Brushed Aluminum is the ideal material for a saber hilt you intend to duel with. I want to perform chorography with my outfit on in the late future.

    What do you guys recommend I do about this?
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    Have you checked out They have pre-made components that you can mix and match, both for the hilts and for the electronics. Very cool stuff!

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