Question on polyeurethane toxicity

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    i was wondering if anyone can help me, im a bit stupid you see on this, im a total beginner! :facepalm

    Some of the guys on here have been using a water based polyeurethane to create clear looking soles for the mag prop shoes.

    They are apparently toxic and you need a mask and can't breath in any of the stuff when you pouring it into your silicon or whatever mold.

    But then I've seen clonemag doing the same thing, pouring in a clear polyeurethane liquid into a mold without any gloves?

    like here

    can someone explain which ones are toxic and which ones aren't?

    I've seen videos where people are just pouring in this liquid without any gloves, and others using gloves (can't tell if they are using masks, as they don't say or show).

    hopefully someone can clarify! before i go kill myself by accident!
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    All these products come with safety advice. At the end of the day, u can choose to follow the advice or not.

    Both components cause irritation. One component is assumed to be carcinogenic. They often recommend gloves and good ventilation. In the absence of gd ventilation, respirator. I am probably over cautious, I work outside, with a respirator and wear gloves.

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    I do the same as above but, then again, I'm pretty stupid, too. :lol

    I'm sure almost half of the stuff I've worked with have been breathed in by me an in equal weight. :wacko
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    While working on a film in the 90's called Alligator 2. Kelly Mann and I built the Alligator out of polyurethane foam. The Alligator was 35 Feet long and the molds were huge. We had to make a tail with a boom on it so we could swing it at the actors.
    We finished the tail in the middle of the night and loaded it in the back of a truck.
    The next day one of the props guys fell extremely ill and was puking and all of his muscles were contracting at once. He thought he had the flu.
    I found out that he had climbed into the back of the truck so he could sleep on the way back to his shop. He used the fresh Alligator tail as a pillow and covered his head with a tarp to keep the wind off.

    Long story short he essentially had Cyanide poisoning from the escaping gas. He was down for a week straight in the hospital. Here I am spraying Urethane paint without a respirator...not too smart.
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    really not good stuff to breath and defenetly a known carcinogen always wear respirator and ventilation.....dosent mean if you breath it a bit you will get sick but defenetly not a good ide long term
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    thanks guys for the info. it would be great to know what that cloneprops guy did with this particular castings, but getting any information or a simple response from him is beyond impossible.

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