QUESTION: malleable wire mesh. what and where?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by rogue_artist, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. rogue_artist

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    Ive seen a couple of folks using a malleable wire mesh (looks like window or screen door mesh).

    What is it called and where might I get some?

    EDIT: Ive added a photo of someone working with the stuff.

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  2. Jaded Monk

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  3. rogue_artist

    rogue_artist New Member

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    Awesome thank you :) But which one is the type you can form? I looked at mesh at a home improvement store today and none they had keep a shape.
  4. Ozymandius

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    The meshes at hardware stores are no good as they are meant not to bend easily so they will stay flat.

    What you are looking for is an aluminum mesh that is intended for sculpting. Just Google "Sculpting wire mesh" and you will get all the sources you need for it.
  5. rogue_artist

    rogue_artist New Member

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    ah! okay, excellent :) Thank you
  6. joncro55

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    Another great source for this mesh material other than Mcmaster Carr Industrial Supply can be found here:

    Custom Wire Cloth - Belleville Wire Cloth Co - Cedar Grove, NJ

    They should have the malleable stuff that you are in search of, and can even bend it into the form (whatever that may be) that you are looking for.

    Used them in the past, reliable and good pricing.



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