Question; How can I make a custom police badge?


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I want the badge to look like this using this vector image. I have a cleaner version of the image but I have not found it on my computer. Does anyone know a way to do this or know anyone who could do it?


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There's a couple different ways I can think of to do this.

First is to commission the design from a 3D designer and send it off to Shapeways to 3D print, since they can do some really nice detail work. That's probably the quickest but also most expensive option.

Any other option will require a lot of meticulous work from you on your own materials. If you have a rotary tool, you could probably make this out of metal, wood, Worbla, foam, etc. (different bits for each material, obviously). However, without years of experience, practice, and finesse, I doubt you'll get all the details that you want. But just the basics may be enough for you!

The last way would be to sculpt it out of clay, mold it, and cast it. Again, LOTS of meticulous work, but it will yield a highly accurate piece in the end.

Personally, I would get a quote from a 3D designer and see if it is in your price range. If they can do it and Shapeways can print it within your budget, that is probably how you'll end up with the most accurate piece.


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There's only one way to get a metal finish that will stand up to handling. Which is metal. Either make it from metal, or have it plated.

There are sprays that will do decently, however. At one end of the range, something like Adam Savage's favorite rattle can chrome (Krylon Premium Original) will look okay and will take a certain amount of abuse. At the other end, there are a couple of spray systems that look really nice but are both expensive and fragile.


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So whatyour saying is i could make an original out of sheets of styrene, cast that into resin, plate it with nickel or some other shiny metal, and put a gold laquer on it? would that work?
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