Question Fw Inks.


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Hey everyone.

I know FW inks are great for latex, cloth and canvas.
How do they do for resin?
i think it's about time i upgraded from walmart paints.
They do well with resin, but you will want to use a resin primer first for best adhesion. I also suggest using alcohol or acetone to remove an oils from the resin.
I have used them on some resin stuff. They worked really well. If you do not seal them they will rub off and if you get them wet they reactivate and will wash away easy. Definitely seal it.

I used it on some armor and got some cool transparent effects of rusty / mold on the armor. Very cool! I hear ya about the wal-mart paint, even with the FW inks I largely use the walmart paints cuz they are just so cheap.
so you will def get a translucent color with em? hmmmm, sometimes it's nice to have the thick paints for some applications.

yeah it's hard to beat 79 cents for two ounces.
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