question irrelevant now but fixes continue.


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Rebuilding a fairly damaged 1/4 P2. Hips "possibly more" need total rebuild. I'm kit bashing the old ones into a simpler design that though not as tight will be more structurally sound and easier if future fixes needed.. It's slightly smaller than original now, not quite as round and has a rough knurled pattern. All the internal overlapping and clicking parts are gone and replaced with a straight walled thick disc design. It'll be held together my a screw connecting the hemispheres which will likely show and need to be painted.

The question, is with all of this work would copying my new design count as recasting?

If so I might start from wax or clay and go from scratch.

For now this is just to fix my one figure but I want to be sure if people needed theirs fixed and I helped, it would get me shunned. Also I want solid pieces when it's done to avoid a rebreak. Opinions please :)
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Is this the popsickle stick predator?
his blades went to a broken ram.
still need to make new hips bought dowels and washers to kitbash them but
need to make or find some spheres.
fishnet removed from arms and legs,
debating on torso.
He was missing something (besides legs).
The popsickle sticks took care of that.


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