Question about making a spidey mask; in particular the scarlet spider


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Hey guys. I've done a fair bit of searching but can't find what I'm after.... My original Halloween costume plan fell through (thanks to composite effects 'not offering' a particular latex appliance 'for this Halloween season' (*cough BS cough*, so I've decided to tackle the scarlet spider. Looking at getting a zentai suit, blue hoodie, and making the rest.

Here's the question; how do I do the mask? Specifically the eyes. What's a good material or fabric to use? Any tips would be massively appreciated. Cheers :)
What I used to make my Spidey eyes (and what most other people use) are a sheet of urethane, I printed out the shape I wanted for the eye, and the traced it onto the urethane and cut it out and sanded the edges smooth. And then a "splatter screen", I had on laying around the house but you can get them at walmart or anywhere like that, and then a piece of clear plastic (like the plastic from a toy package or something like that).
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