Question about authenticity of Star Trek ERTL models

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I have been away from model making for a lot of years. I have been purchasing some of the Star Trek models that I have wanted for a couple of years now on E-bay. I just recieved an Ertl USS Excelsior. The box appears original. However there is a sticker on the shrink wrap that states the kit was made in Mexico. Have Ertl kits been made in Mexico? Excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question.
Not a stupid question,but you should be aware that wherever something comes off that company might have a factory there.As it turns out,yes,Ertl models did or does have a factory in Mexico turning out model kitsand die cast toys for sale throughtout the world,so your "Star Trek" models are indeed authentic.
Somewhat OT, but here's a fascinating (IMHO) history of AMT's original TOS Enterprise kit...


- Karl
Are the Mexican manufactors going to stop their production of original Star Trek models? I ask this because sometimes a contractor, such as a Mexican producer, will continue production after the parent company stops distribution of it's line. If this would be the case here, then down the road some of the "collectors" models that are purchased at a higher price will not be worth what the collector thinks they should be. Because those models will be an offshoot of the original. Identical but not sanctioned by Ertl. Kind of like a bootlegged copy.
You wouldn't by chance be taking the just-stopped-this-month production of Mexican Volkswagon Beetles as your example, would you?

And I thought all AMT/ERTL Trek production stopped long ago...
I'm in the sportswear business. From time to time we will find a contractor of our's continuting to produce our product after we are finished doing business with them. They use left over materials to produce additional merchandise for their own 100% profit. It's hard to prove and almost inpossible to stop.
DF, apparently AMT/Ertl has lost the Star Trek licence. Polar Lights and Bandai now have it, so A/E can no longer produce the kits anyway.


Thanks Tony. I'm sorry if I'm coming across as saying this is going on. I'm just curious if it could happen. When I saw the Made in Mexico sticker on my USS Excelsior, I thought what if? illegal copies were made and then sold on line. Some of early Star Trek models are bringing big money compared to what they sold for new. I had and made both of the first two original versions of the Enterprise in the wide box versions. I see them selling for over $200 now. It's incredible. I wish I still had mine.
Interesting subject. If the factories DID continue to produce product illegally, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyhow, so as far as the value of your kits, the question is moot (but interesting nonetheless!).
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