Propworx Presents Battlestar Galactica Auction 2011


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Propworx is proud to announce that we will be having a new Battlestar Galactica auction this August. We are currently taking consignment now for screen used props, wardrobe, set decoration and artwork, so if you have something form the previous auctions feel free to contact me at Jarrod@propworxcom. We already have numerous consignors with some really great stuff. So if your looking to grab a hero Apollo and Starbuck duty blues, some yellow and orange deck crew jumpsuits, or a screen used viper pilot helmet check out the auction.

I will be updating the site in the next week with blogs and video blogs and stop by the Propworx forum to discuss the upcoming auciton: Sign In

Thanks so much, and if you have any questions feel free to email me!

Jarrod Hunt
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