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Prop Runner

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Hmmmmm... What in blazes is Prop Runner up to now? :angel

It's not his Glengarry Glen Ross Brass Balls display...

Ain't his Star Trek Lirpa...

Don't seem like no bronze opium duck...

Probably not another custom lightsaber...

No, it can't be the King Kong gas bomb...

Too big for an origami chicken...

And it doesn't look like an MG81 flash suppressor...


Let's see... Screws.... Four screws... ("I see FIVE screws..." :lol ) Sorry... :$

Hmmmm... That means they must be HOLDING SOMETHING on the other side... :love And there's a KEYHOLE near the top... Hey, that must mean you probably HANG it on a WALL. :eek

So, my fellow prop fiends... What has Prop Runner designed this week? :confused

First correct guess wins a kit (when they're ready). No PMs - this is strictly a public contest. NO HINTS will be given. Not about materials. Not about size. Not about colors. Not about what movie or TV show it's from... The only hint is what you see in the image above. The contest will run for one week starting now, that way if some astute observer guesses right, others can still have some fun and debate each other's guesses. Feel free to post your graphic interpretations, deconstructions, calculations, channeled messages from ancient warlords, whatever you feel like. :)

At the end of the contest, I will post the front image and the background story behind this project, at which time the winner will step forward to claim his (or her) prize.

So good luck, play nice, and most of all: HAVE FUN. :D

- Gabe

UPDATE 2/5: For all my REAL clues, hints, clarifications, and ruled-out source material, visit these posts:
  • 89 & 90 - SCREW DISCLOSURES...
  • 106 - BIG ONE...
  • 118 - ANOTHER BIG ONE...
  • 135 - TV CLUE
  • 192 - MYSTERY SOLVED... :D
Let it not be ever said that I wasn't fair. :D
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I was just about to click on this post, and I sloshed my coffee on my desk, when i blotted it with a napkin the coffee stain appeared to be shaped like the decapitated head of a monster, That monster was Jar Jar Binks and I am therefore guessing that you are producing a wall mounted head bust of decaptiated Jar Jar's Skull, A La hunting trophy, his tongue will be dangling at least 4 inches and will have to be re-inforced with acrylic rods.

I plan to attach an electronic score keepinhg device to the tongue and lighting the eyes in mine so when I throw wads of paper at him, his eyes will light up.


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Is it the presidential seal from Battlestar Galactica?
Screws, though... Might not be needed to hold up something as simple as that.
Decapitated head of... Something? A Raptor from J.P. or similar would be my second guess.


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It's holding a set of knives that cross each other or some type of throwing star, glaive.


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It's obviously a wall mount for a plaster cast of a Chuck Norris bootprint, with room for a plaque and a screenshot...

Do I win?




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I know EXACTLY what it is.

Gabe got bored and needed some entertainment. So, he took a circular board, screwed 4 screws in it and added a keyhole. Now he's going to make the rest of us idiots keep guessing at it for weeks on end just for his own personal enjoyment. It's a modern take on the "How do you keep an idiot in suspense? I'll tell you tomorrow" gag.

Good on you Gabe, :thumbsup .


The Death Curse

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Looks like a wall clock to me. :lol

Not sure if it's from a film, but that's my guess. Mostly because I can't think of anything better. hehe.



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Originally posted by Gigatron@Feb 2 2006, 10:29 AM
I know EXACTLY what it is. 

Gabe got bored and needed some entertainment.  So, he took a circular board, screwed 4 screws in it and added a keyhole.  Now he's going to make the rest of us idiots keep guessing at it for weeks on end just for his own personal enjoyment.  It's a modern take on the "How do you keep an idiot in suspense?  I'll tell you tomorrow" gag.

Good on you Gabe,  :thumbsup .

He went you one better. Since this is just a drawing, so he didn't have to physically make anything to keep us all guessing. You go, Gabe. Nice joke.

Prop Runner

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Originally posted by James Kenobi 1138@Feb 2 2006, 09:56 AM
A wall mounted display for a PDK?
What's a PDK? :confused JK... I know what you meant... :D

Some very, um, "original" guesses so far, I must admit... :lol

But to clarify, this isn't *just* a wall mounted plaque specially designed to hold a specific prop. The entire display, with the plaque, *IS* the prop - one cannot exist without the other. :angel

Maybe tomorrow I'll throw another curve ball to further confuse everybody - an ANTI-hint. :lol

- Gabe