Prop Runner's Continuing Obsession with Lamps...

Prop Runner

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In my quest to nail all of Deckard's vintage lamps from Blade Runner, I came across one manufactured back in the 50s that had a very familiar profile:

Coincidence, or is it possible that the Jupiter 2 was directly molded from, or at the very least inspired, by this lamp, since it predates LIS by about a decade? :confused

If any LIS and J2 fans want a link to the source, please post here or PM me.

- Gabe


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Well since it's not the right size (or shape really) of any of the shooting models, seems unlikely it is molded from one.

As for inspired, possibly, but it seems tons of stuff was "flying saucer" shaped after 1947.

I think you're reaching a bit on this one.

But keep looking for those Blade Runner lamps.