Prop Helmet Collections


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This is an idea born on the assumption that you can never see too many Star Wars helmets. :D

HereÂ’s my modest collection to kick things off:

Threepio, Trooper and Luke X-wing:

Rebel Fleet Trooper:

Vader (displayed on my life-size):

I plan to work on an ESB style Boba Fett helmet to add next year.

I know there are some amazing helmet collectors/ collections out there – so let’s see those pics. :D :thumbsup




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Ok, don't get me started. Like the Grinch a few are out for a bulb that needs replacing on one side. A few are boxed with costumes, all are waiting renovations for proper display. Here's the main lineup.

You can probably tell I like Clonetrooper helmets.

Mostly SW, with a FANTASTIC Airwolf and an MR Rocketeer mixed in.

OK, SAAB (a fav), BSG NEW and old, SST & USCM, and some odds and ends.

OK, some UC LOTRs. Waiting on WitchKing.

Had to throw in some historical, which also appear in motion pictures.

Dredd, my Fav Vader (Portumac), Armor

Rebels sleeping with Imps, sleepy Hoths.

Very nice Endor Rebel and a Ghost of Mars screen used. Like I said, these need to be liberated into good displays.

Few more en route, including some world class screen used & replicas.


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Here's my small collection composed of Standard DPs, RPF member's, and my own works in progress. (I had to throw Yoda in there :D )
Sorry for the lousy pic.



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here is my collection so far.

I have EII and EIII clone helmets on the bench at the mo and im sculpting an rc helmet.


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rudolpht, real nice collection you got there. I kept scrolling and scrolling. Nice pics too. The Vader is a really nice piece. I like to see that version as opposed to the others since its so detailed. Not to mention a pretty good paintjob.


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Here are some of mine hung on my new wall mounted helmet stand. I will be selling these on RPF in January if you didn't catch my interest thread in the junkyard. (shameless plug)



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Thanks for sharing these, guys. Great stuff..

rudolpht's collection simply rules. And I love the way you display your buckets on the wall, Jediwannabe. What did you use for those?


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Sorry for veering (your fault Jediwannabe) but I'm thinking it would be cool to turn the helmet stand into a mini gun rack. That way, you could have the trooper helmet displayed with his blaster underneath.


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I don't have pics of all of them together yet but I have a Kelloggs AOTC convert, DFXR fixer RC helmet, JM ROTS bucket, and a TE.


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Originally posted by VashDstampede@Dec 20 2005, 12:56 AM
Here's my small collection composed of Standard DPs, RPF member's, and my own works in progress.  (I had to throw Yoda in there  :D )
Sorry for the lousy pic.


What is the lowest-left-hand-corner helmet? It looks great. :love

I've never seen anything like it - is it custom made?



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Originally posted by WookieGunner@Dec 20 2005, 01:53 PM
It looks like a Guyver helmet.

Yep, it's a Guyver. Anime turned live-action.

Awesome thread. I'm really looking forward to more collections.


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Bothanspy....that is an insane collection. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

I have yet to display my lids in an organized way.....once I do, I'll post pix...