Project Arbiter: Making the Armor


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My brother (RPF Member BlueRealm) was contracted to build a suit of armor for a WWII sci-fi short film called Project Arbiter. He created the suit completely from scratch based on the concept drawings. Enjoy!



Film Trailer 1
Project Arbiter Trailer 1 - YouTube

Film Trailer 2
Project Arbiter Trailer 2 - YouTube

Behind the scenes - Making the armor
Project Arbiter - Behind the Scenes - Making of the Armor - YouTube

for more information, please visit PROJECT ARBITER: 20 minute concept short film
it's basically going to be a 20 minute short film as a proof of concept by the writer and director to pitch for a full length film. Tons of info on the site.
Absolutely love the armor and the idea. One slight criticism - he seems well protected from head to... knees. Below that seems to be just gaiters and combat boots. Which could be a liability.
yeah, he had no say in the design, only the execution. On a side note, I think the gaiters are actually hard plastic cast parts, the same as the armor, they just look like leather.
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