Progress pic. Never ever ever build a lifesize T800… ugh.


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Just got the chest , shoulder motors and back set. Had to engineer a free floating frame because none of the parts ever fit. Shoring it ups gonna be a blast. Yeah basically I should’ve built another Predator instead. . If you are considering a T800 build , consider yourself warned.


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IDK, that sounds fun to me. :lol: For me part of the fun is figuring out how to engineer something that isn't working. That doesn't mean I don't want to smash parts against a wall now and then though. There's always a way! I'm sure there are others who have built them so maybe they will chime in.
Ha ! Sorry for the late reply ,, it’s kind of a love hate thing with the T800. Here it is so far. The pisser was the Gmasking skull. When it came, the eyes looked like bug eyes, and the teeth looked like they had molded a horses teeth or something. It was ridiculous. I chiseled the jaw off and used individual teeth then reset it in place. Then I had to take the eyes out, shave the back, recess them, and angle them for that mean look that we know and love lol. Here’s so far ,, The First picture is the gmasking skull as it came,, it’s a beautiful casting But when they did the teeth and eyes they screwed it up, now it looks correct


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Nice progress, but please keep posting in the same thread you already made instead of starting new ones. Makes it hard to keep track of progress over time.

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