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Donna and I were at a show in Kentucky. We looked at the Strembridge Rental's guns that were for sale, bought two. The seller also had the GE 135 Mini-Gun used by the colored actor in the 'Predator' movie. Price was $125, with trade or $110, cash. We walked away, conferred, went back to get it. Too late, in just less than 3 minits......GS from up east was paying for it when we got back to the table. Not the first, nor unfortunately the last, mistake I was to make.

Two years later, we encountered the same gun for sale.........this time the price was $275, it sold for $250,....we were told..... a two-year investment that netted a profit of $140,000. I would not have sold it........she will get this stuff from my estate, her grandchildren after that,



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