Power Ranger Helmets WIP


Here are a few pics of the helemts I am working on. More helmets and pics to come.
All cast from the originals, cast in fiberglass, then cut, bondo, etc. Here is some of my progress. Have other rangers I am working on as well.



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Wow! Those are really amazing. I've seen plenty of the Green Ranger, and I sometimes see them with the black outlines, and some without. I think sometimes that people forget that that particular Sentai (and by extension, MMPR) series, does NOT have the black outlining like it does in the PRDT episode. Actually, looking at an episode while typing this (I had to be sure, 'cause you know, details man), none of them have any black really except the eyes, barring, well, the Black Ranger. Nice catch.

Looking at the pics, the White Ranger's helmet visor doesn't seem quite right. Shouldn't it be flush with the Tiger's nose? Or am I seeing it from an odd angle? What did you use for the visor? What did you mean, 'All cast from the originals'?


None of the visors are flush in the older sentai series (that I know of). Almost every helet I have has been cast off of the ones used in the show. Only the green ranger ones out there are fan sculpts because whoever has it isn't releasing it into the fandom. Right now it's like the holy grail to have one cast off a screen used piece.


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LOVE that White Ranger helmet! The Green Ranger was always better but the design of the White Ranger helmet was pretty sick.


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I'm going to have to agree with jq here. Though I don't have any helmets with you personally, you seem to be on this site more frequently than on rangerboard where mods are just furious at you.

Please, I know you do great work and I don't want to see your reputation ruined. Grab your camera, and post photos of each person's helmet & completion dates so you can gain some ground with the users and don't lose business.


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I am a Moderator on Rangerboard, under the same name.

I'm not here to start any crap, but it is a pile of crap that you're posting helmet work here and not on Rangerboard, where you should be posting the updates for the 20 or so helmets you've had in your possession for over a year in most cases.

You've made promises, and haven't kept them. Now you're here with the helmets and are posting them, but not to the customers that you've taken their money from and have done next to nothing in the span of a year?

For those of you that doubt me, please read this thread. Roush has received a "Suspended Service Tag" for his failure to do any sort of business in a manner that he should be, as instead he considers this a "hobby."


Thanks for your time.


This is a thread of your current work and I am working on these helmets after being in the hospital for most of that year. I dont understand why you have to slander my work on here, It's kind of hard to work on anything when you cant get out of bed, and I dont understand why you have to deal with this here. If you had something to say you could have PM'ed me there, because I have never received one from you.


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You don't know the definition of slander. Everything I speak of is the truth. The other people can also be the judge of that themselves.

Instead of trying to defend your name, why don't you instead go work on the wrongs that you've made and make them right. Actions speak louder than words.

As far as PMs go? You ignore PMs. You ignore anything anyone says to you on Rangerboard. People have asked you for your money back and you've yet to send anything.

Nothing I say is slander. This is the whole truth.


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I have PM'ed you instructions for where to return my helmet to. Unless you can finish it ASAP i want it back. You have had it for just shy of one year now and at this point I just want it returned to me.


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Back in June was when I first started getting really interested in doing a Ranger costume. I PMed Roush here because I saw him post that he worked on helmets and he offered to complete one for me. Luckily for me he told me where he was going to get the helmet kit (Eric0101 on Rangerboard) and the exact price Eric charges (plus his nearly $200 price for finishing.) So I signed up on RB and bought the helmet myself and I've been working on it at no extra to myself.

Looks like I dodged a rather decently sized bullet. :D


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beautiful work so far! I have a helmet cast off a stunt original and your helmet is looking awesome!! do you intend on padding it or adding any cooling system?


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Wondering what the status is. You told me on January 27th you were going to just send back/refund everything around the 1st. It is now the 7th and I have recieved nothing yet.

no tracking number

no confirmation that you have shipped it back

no revised date you will be shipping it

no change in your decision that you can and will be able to finish it within a few weeks, as I said I would still be fine with if you can do so (and not just say you can), in which I would still pay the remainder of the balance I owe on this

Basically, I just want to know where my helmet is and when I will get it.