Post pics of your Vader ROTJ sabers


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Three reasons for posting this thread -

1) Wanted to see what ROTJ Vader sabers are out there

2) Out of all the sabers Ive made, this was the most fun

3) I got a new digicam and I wanted to try it out :D

Here are some pics -


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Im not sure if I regret cleaning mine up...I made some mods to make the pieces more secure. Probably overkill to internally weld all the parts...but alas I did. :rolleyes Though it was done to keep the saber from falling apart when wearing it....all but once.

I did things like drill a recessed hole in the emitter pin....made a metal band under the clamp band....tack welded the clamp band on via hidden screws under the round cylidners in the activation switch--screws which were tack welded from underneath...I reasoned the round cylinders would never unscrew on their own.
Oh and I tack welded the bolts holding the D ring clamp behind it.

I do reget doing these things....but the saber could be tethered to the space shuttle and never come apart. Ahem...becaue Nasa asked me to lend it to them. :$


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Here's some pics of my obi1kenny vader. It's one of his machined kits


Thanks to WC for hosting



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Nice Sabers Boba Frett and Gigatron. So far it seems that the clean version of this saber is preferred.

BTW Boba Frett, I believe Ob1Kenny used to sell the thumbscrews for the saber. Might want to check with him and see if he has any left.



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Here's mine - formerly from the collection of Jedi Lip

With Luke ROTJ in the top

EDIT: Ignore the mara plaque :p


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great sabers everyone. Still not enough to convince me I need to add these to my collection but they do look nice.


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Nice sabers guys. Can't wait til the time comes for me to build one.

Vaapad, Do you have a close up pic of your cvte66 control box?


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that's a great ROTJ hero hilt, Dave. Not as flashy as the EE but still featuring real copper....sorry comment made not to hi jack...on with some more DV ROTJs :D