Possible to let a member in who cannot access???

Discussion in 'Site Support & News' started by amish, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    I am requesting this on behalf of JediTim he also mentions something about number 7507. From what I understand he was a member here some time ago but can no longer access the board.

    Is there anyway to open up his logon again? His current email is:



    Thats about all I know, just trying to help him out.

    Tom P.
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    Seems like maybe the guy should have the right to defend himself, when he's getting the hell bashed out of him here.

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  3. amish

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    I talked to him on his website, and he would like the opportunity to defend himself here. Thanks for bringing that up Birdie.

    This is the post in question:

    Please know I am not saying either side is right or wrong and Tim does recognize that Sporak is not that Mike guy anymore. It would be nice if the party in question could respond to a thread that is about him.

    Thread in question:

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