Portal Turret Flashlight


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I was just about to order one for a present, but they want $23 to ship it to the U.K . I never understand why shipping costs so much.


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They are not bad at all for the price. I've been debating buying one and seeing if I can gut it for parts for my own to save $ for me and the interested people as well as internal space. Just not sure if it's guts could be triggered by an arduino.


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I bought one, it' pretty cool. it's stands up pretty well once you get it, the legs are a little thin (the part that comes out from the body. I'll post pics and a video.

EDIT: ok shot a quick video

Think Geek Portal 2 Sentry Turret LED Flashlight - YouTube
Thanks for the video!
I have one of these heading over for christmas, looks much better than I thought :)

I love how the eye changes brightness as it talks, I think the site description doesn't do it justice :lol