Polar Lights TOS Enterprise Model


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is now available over at MegaHobby (this was posted over at ASAP the other day). I ordered one and it shipped today UPS. It look like sweet model for $10.95
Here's the link:
Yeah, I just ordered three from MegaHobby myself (Sue me, that is cheap as dirt and I quite like the size of them...
), so it all depends on how long they take to ship to me here in the Middle East.

I like that you can make 3 distinct variations from the kit and that they include ISS Enterprise markings. Having two seperate sets of warp nacelles will be cool for scratchbuilding fodder as well.

Hopefully they will sell well so that PL go on and do a whole range of Trek in the same scale. The 1/350 NX-01 looks impressive as well.


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