PLEASE HELP-Need to find these light to put In My 18 spinner


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I am wanting to know where I can buy all of these lights--

3 white LEDS
EL lighting
lightline (kind of a miniature neon)
EL strip lighting

Also can you tell me how to do a clear vacumed copy a resin piece



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LEDs are available from a variety of sources (search for LED and you'll see) but I would start at Radio Shack.

EL lighting (or EL strip) is available as "LightSheet" from a fellow in the Northeast. Check out this thread:

Lightline is simply a "rope" version of EL. If Mike Emery (link above) doesn't have it I'm sure he can tell you where to get it.

Finally, check out the places that sell computer cases and hardware (such as TigerDirect and CompUSA). This type of "neon rope" is very popular to put in custom computer cases these days. They also sell a variety of unique lighting effects such as real neon and various forms of EL (electroluminescent).