Please help!!! I got an assignment for my bachelor evening!

Love the R2D2 ;-). Thor's Hammer also crossed my mind. Even Captain America's Shield (gleuing the tubes in some circles). Keep the idea's coming! Off to sleep now, but maybe there are some great idea's here when I wake up. I'll sure post pictures of the result (how bad it might be in the end ;-).
I think the biggest issue is time- it is simply not realistic to solve the challenge in just a couple of hours. There are lots of different ways to go but any good options will take more time than allotted.

This is a bachelor challenge for a wedding several months away? Who came up with this and why have such a short deadline?
What's next- chop down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring?
They don't expect a high-end replica, off course. Just something "recognizable" made out of cardboard tubes and corcks. In the end it could be a lightsaber when I have no better idea's. You can make a recognizable, cardboard lightsaber hilt in an hour, I guess. also Thor's hammer would be a realistic option. As long as they can say "Hey, it's representing this or that prop", it's OK. They don't expect a painted, detailed, nice prop replica (I assume ;) ).
I'm getting married in April and tomorrow is my bachelor evening. I got an assignmen from my friends. They told me weeks ago to gather toilet paper rolls and wine bottle corcks. Just an hour ago they have let me know they want me to create a movie prop replica out of this stuff and they have to recognize it.

Do you guys have any ideas....

That’s it! I got it!

Here is what you do....

1. Take the toilet paper rolls in one hand.
2. Take the corks in the other.
3. Walk up to the trash can and drop them in.
4. Proceed to the nearest strip club.

This is a bachelor party after all :lol:
OK, all done :). I made 4 props in less than an hour, with the help of my 9 year old son (who had the time of his life and doesn't want to give back the Thor Hammer :) ). So I went for these:


Thor's Hammer:


Graflex lightsaber (glue of the buttons is still drying, hence the elastic bands):


The DaVinci Code Cryptex (coloring done by my son):


And the simplest of all: the One Ring:


Now let that beer coming!!! And I'm in Belgium, so the beer will be great, that's for sure! Don't know about the strip club, though. That's not that common over here, and the existing strip clubs are not that "safe" (= owners of these clubs most of the time have soms "side business" if you know what I mean). But I'm sure there will be nice beers and very nice food. Hope for some spectacular / fun activtities too... We'll see.

Anyway, thanks for the ideas, guys!
awesome result! thanks for sharing.
Have fun with the Belgian beers, what, no strip club in Belgium? I remember distinctly going to one! though that wasn't the greatest experience in my life :lol:
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