Please help!!! I got an assignment for my bachelor evening!


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Hey guys, I need your input! I'm getting married in April and tomorrow is my bachelor evening. I got an assignmen from my friends. They told me weeks ago to gather toilet paper rolls and wine bottle corcks. Just an hour ago they have let me know they want me to create a movie prop replica out of this stuff and they have to recognize it.

Do you guys have any ideas what I can make? I have this evening and tomorrow morning to make something with toilet paper rolls and corcks. And some tape and glue probably... Any ideas are welcome!
Yeah, that was my first thought too... But that's maybe a bit too simple, no? I bet it could be more "creative"...
Yeah, that was my first thought too... But that's maybe a bit too simple, no? I bet it could be more "creative"...
Depends on how you do it. If you use the corks to carve all the details and scale it all appropriately, it could be quite impressive. Give it a coat of epoxy/resin and a detailed paint job and I think it would be quite impressive to the average Joe. Considering, its made from "nothing".
Remember it has to be ready on a few hours. It's evening over here, so I will start tomorrow morning, and within 2 or 3 hours it has to be finished. I'm not going for "fancy", but for "original" and "recognizable" ;-).
How about this?
I know its simple and kind of for kids, but it would be fast.
Something along these lines:


This is Hedwig (from Harry Potter). Press the top together and glue, then paint Hedwig (the toilet roll) white, cut slices of cork for eyes and feet. Then just print out a tiny envelope, some eyeballs and beak from paper or another toilet paper roll and glue on.
Perhaps I'm outdated. I remember bachelor evenings used to be a bit more...scalawag. :D

It's only one part of what they have "prepared". I have no clue what's coming, but they said I had to create a recognizable prop...

I was thinking about a milennium falcon or the space station from 2001: A Space Oddusay.

Since i have quite some tubes from the toilet rolls, a prop that's mainly made out of some kind of tubes would be ideal, but I can't think of something. The 2001 space station comes close, though...
maybe a uss enterprise model? I don't know how that would look but it is very recognisable, has quite a few tubular shapes and maybe the main disk can be made with a lot of corks put together. Still scratching my head for you in the meantime. Nice challenge you got there ;)
Yeah, the USS enterprise doesn't sound too bad... I don't have too many corcks, but with the tubes it should be possible to make a disk, I guess...
I think the Big Baby Gun will not be recognized. My friends are not into movie props. They just know I am, so they thought it would be a fun challange.
Chop up the toilet paper rolls and chop up the corks, mix all together in a bucket and mix in a paper maché paste. Then the sky is the limit! Make anything you want out of the paper maché mixture and paint it up. You will have used both the rolls and cork, just in a different way.
That's a bit of a hassle. It would also feel a bit like "cheating" ;-). And most importantly: I don't have the glue / paste to make paper maché... I'd like to keep it simple, since the thing will probably be thrown away before the evening / night ;-).
Thor's hammer?

wrap a stack of corks with a couple layers of pulled apart tubes for the handle. then glue a bunch of tubes together for the head, it will be nice and light.
I think the biggest issue is time- it is simply not realistic to solve the challenge in just a couple of hours. There are lots of different ways to go but any good options will take more time than allotted.

This is a bachelor challenge for a wedding several months away? Who came up with this and why have such a short deadline?
What's next- chop down the mightiest tree in the forest with a herring?
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