Planning a new ironman build and need some advice

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Sereph, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Sereph

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    Hi all I'm planing on starting a new ironman build and have a few questions as this is my first major build and I'm new to this site I apologise if they are noob questions.

    1. 3D printing or papercraft ? Is 3d printing parts a better and easier way to go these day albeit more expensive what is the pros and cons of each ?
    2. Scaling if I plan on wearing this costume can you scale parts from avalible 3d file others have created or is it near impossible to make things match up what I'm getting at is do I need to 3d model everything myself for it to fit right ?

    Those are are the big questions I have for now I'm sure there will be more but hopefully someone can help me out a bit
    thanks for your time .
  2. Kevin Gossett

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    You can scale any 3d model before printing it, but you're not going to find a full suit modeled and available.
  3. Sereph

    Sereph New Member

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    what about the pep models are they not of a suitable quality to print from even if you export them and resize them ?
  4. BlueSteel

    BlueSteel Guest

    Listen, coming from a year of experience with a foam IM build, i wouldnt 3D print a single piece. The sad truth is that unless you own one and have sponsors and not to mention good 3d models and quality filament and a LOT of time, its just not worth it. Scaling can be awfully hard for a full suit unless you have good files, and u have to print them just to scale them. I just dont see the technology right now to be fit for large beginner projects, and this is from personal experience. As for paper idk anything. Try foam?
  5. yoopees

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    your biggest issue will be scaling to FIT YOUR BODY. Paper is a good way to "test" if the scaling works. I've gone through maybe 4 IM helmets before getting the scaling the way I wanted.

    3D printing is good, but you really need to either know someone with a good printer and/or have the time and money.

    What i've seen some people do is hire a 3d modeler and they take your measurements and all the IM parts and scale it too fit you. Issue with that is, IM is roughly 6'2+ to make everything proportionate, but if you're shorter, something always will look funky...mostly it's the helmet :)

    Pep to start out, it will take some getting use too, but before venturing off to 3d printing, i'd stick with pep. UNLESS you have disposable income and TIME.
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  6. devildog12

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    What would you need sponsors for? I have a 3d printer, no sponsors and print just fine. I had NO idea about how to 3d model before joining this forum but after a few months, I can model pretty decent now. If you have the right printer, and do enough research then 3d printing would be just fine. Exporting straight from pep files isn't feasible because the models are way to thin. You would have to make them solid, but overall you can get a much more detailed prop/suit/helmet. If this is a beginner project then I wouldn't suggest a full suit. I would definitely start with foam. That's just my thoughts.
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  7. BlueSteel

    BlueSteel Guest

    Oh sorry devildog i was more talking in context of a beginner who probably doesnt own a printer. Dont get me wrong, 3D printing can be perfect for some and ive seen b-e-a-utiful builds made through that method. Also by sponsers i meant in the context of, say, xrobots, who prints a huge amount of pieces regularly and prints full star wars droids. He uses a crowdfunding campaign called Patreon. That all i meant about that. Sorry for the confusion, was kind of in a hurry while typing up the first post :p
  8. Sereph

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    thanks guys for the suggestions let me fill you in a bit more about what I'm aiming for. I'm basically looking to build a replica that is movie quality if it doesn't look 100% like it does in the movie then i wont be happy also i am well aware that I'm not going to achieve this first time around when i have no experience but I'm happy to keep at it and keep trying to get the result I'm looking for. When it comes to scale lucky for me I'm 6ft 2in so movie accurate size should be pretty close although i may have to lose a few Kg to fit into it but i would rather have suit that is all the same scale and looks right than one that is scaled to fit perfectly and has a large helmet and other parts that just don't look right. So I'm thinking from the research i have done so far and your suggestions i might try some paper parts and test for scale and also experiment with fiberglass as i have absolutely no experience with the stuff its going to be a long road of trial and error but I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again for the help and I'm sure there will be many more questions if you have any more suggestions I'm open to anything you have to say.

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