planet of the apes astronaut boot-nailed!

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by somerset fox, May 11, 2012.

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    Following on from an earlier thread (, I went down the Mognoli route and ordered one of his ANSA flightsuits, but then had to source the boots. Research lists the originals as white boxing boots, with a cuff/spat sewn on the front of the boot, making it higher on the leg and replacing the lacings with a zip.


    Easy I thought until I tried to find plain white boxing boots (nearly impossible) and then considered my limited sewing ability. Hmmm. Then I stumbled on a Cosplay site with the very thing I wanted. A “Gundam Seed” (whatever one of those are) white long boot.


    Who would have thought that those pesky kids dressed in bizarre Anime costumes and offering free hugs at conventions could have been of use. Cosplay! One order placed on Ebay, with a mod request to move the zip from the front to the back and voila!


    Fits like a glove. Looks just right. Just waiting on the flight suit to arrive and then off to the Monkey Planet!
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    Have you ever considered a plain white wrestling boot? Like the pro wrestlers use, not collegiate wrestlers.
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    You did it! You finally did it! You maniacs! :cry
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    Anyone got the spacesuit and helmet seen in Escape from the Apes?
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    I think Brian does


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